Tony photography works contain a professional art element, and many which has great popularity in the photography groups of many countries and regions.
Tony photography aesthetics is really unique and full of deep poetic. 
The works, combined with the original image that black and white reflect the unique artistic conception and emotion, even can bring beholder a profound sense of music.
The photography creation concept "Photography is a Kind of Cultivation" has always been popularized, which has been paid attention to and acclaimed by the domestic and overseas photographers. 
Because the creation style of his works is unique, and the color tone is mainly for black and white light color and grayness, he is well-known as "Tony s color stylet" . (小川灰)


I've been interested in photography for many yearsand have really started shooting in 1998.
When I'm not with my camera, I work as a traveller / painter.
I am now a freelance photographer.

Photography, I have been doing it for several decades in a row and exclusively at the pro level. In my work I use not only my experience, but also the latest technological advances.
I like to travel, paint, watch movies, listen to music, and ride bicycles. It's all wonderful.

I don't like being restricted from freedom and don't like too much business.
As long as there is enough money to satisfy my travel and photography, I am very happy. I will shoot some friends, Commercial companies, Stardom, business person, film companies and earn the funds I need.
There will also be many fans who like my creation, hope I can teach them some photography techniques.

Many years ago, I started a wedding photography studio, but I regret that it failed because of the relationship of the partners. Today I started my own photography art studio. Because I don't want to be bound by business management and take up my photography creation time!

However some people doubt my lifestyle because it is an incomprehensible behavior in China. But I still like to go thru my own way, free and unconstrained.

I won't be a businessman, but I will be a excellent photographer.
Now, freelance photographer is my best identity.

I am now enjoying freedom, traveling to many cities and creating photography.
I am also honored to be invited to give lectures at several universities in China.
Create photographic portraits for some actor stars and business giants, and get rich rewards.
If you like my photography, check it out often, you can contact me.

This is me, unfettered Tony!
Many friends call me "Photographing Swordsman ".
People's life is very short, try not to leave regrets.
Like to go and realize it!

Tony work is very much focused on light and shadowing, a cinematic feeling with a clear focus on emotional.

Tony passion for photography, travel and the China’s most beautiful locations are the defining influences that have shaped his life, work and creative approach to photography.
In his 21 years as a roving professional photographer Tony has travelled to just about every corner around the China.


攝影界流行名詞 : 小川灰(也稱:静谧灰)
「小川灰」 (也稱:靜,灰)攝影風格是現今流行的一種具有藝術品位的靈魂化攝影風格。
從2007年開始逐漸被很多攝影人熟悉並譽為「小川灰」 (也稱:靜謐灰),現在作為一種情緒攝影的風格而流傳。
(也有人稱為 「靈魂攝影」 或 「情緒攝影」 )

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