[ 2008 ]

《 青衣 • Beijing Opera--Tsing Yi 》

Models: Wang Yilin
Chinese calligraphy : Wang Hanlin

        With her several-year’s foundation of basic dance skills, Yilin successfully demonstrates the flexibility and tension of the character. Without exaggeration, the preliminary filming of this work was done at one stretch. This work doesn’t focus the elements on the plot and visual colorization, but mainly concentrates on thought visualization. Creation and appreciation are totally different. The same work can be interpreted differently by different appreciators.The reason why this work is colorless is that we don't want to use the color to limit the imagination of appreciators. Although black and white also belong to the color category, they can provide appreciator with the infinite imagination about color. I have a special liking for the plot of Beijing Opera and I am a big admirer of this traditional Chinese culture. Although this work is based on Peking Opera, we don’t paint any facial makeup on models’ face, instead, we adopt the light makeup. Face is a simple life, clothing is the stage-dramatic. This is a kind of contrast and more correctly, a fusion of real life and dramatic life. I required the models to demonstrate exaggeratedly their body, and adopt completely the non-dramatic expression in traditional facial performance. With only deep color language and exaggerated body language, we wholly express the pursuit for and the dimness of traditional culture.

Tony Photography