[ Shot in 2010 ]


Models: Angie

        The towed gauze, the delicate skin.
        The gauze is the symbol of hurt, the skin is the delicacy of women.
        What I am desired to convey is not the bloody reality, not the agonizing struggle, but more like a soul of a woman in the abyss of sea.
        The image in my work is fairly quiet, for I don't want my expression of emotions to be over exaggerated and evident. The expression of hurt is just a kind of language, a symbol. I don't want to strengthen but vivify it perfunctorily. That doesn’t mean that every woman is hurt, but certainly they have been lingering in the edge of hurt... This is what we call the reality.

        Just like the sunrise and the sunset, the expressions in your eyes have ups and downs and endless changes, each of which symbolizes a kind of mood or state of mind. Now that the expression in the eyes is not unchangeable, I just hope that her eyes don’t look so painful, in other words, I don't want to convey the agony for no reason. I hope that she could be a little bit hesitant and mysterious. This is the eye expression what I really want, or this is my interpretation of a woman, even if she is hurt.
        The article is not voluminous, that's all.

Tony Photography